You Probably Don’t Need an Advisor

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10 weeks in and I’m having a blast. Check out the two lessons I’ve taken away from writing this newsletter for a few months.

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“I helped put two children through Harvard – my broker’s children.”

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Markets  📈

As you may have noticed on Tuesday, I’ll be removing market conditions from all future newsletters. You can easily find this on your own, but I encourage you not to be overly concerned with daily movements. Ideally, you check your portfolio 1-4 times per year.

“If owning stocks is a long-term prospect for you, following their prices daily is a very, very bad idea. The more you watch your investments go up and down, the more likely you are to trade in the short term and the less likely you are to earn a return over the long term.”

Tip  💎

“Paying 1% per year for a financial advisor over 30 years could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees. That doesn’t even include commissions. If you truly need a financial advisor, opt for a fee-only advisor instead of one who charges by assets under management.”

You may need a financial advisor if:

You have $1M in investable assetsYou own a business or multiple propertiesYou have a complex financial situation (divorce, stepchildren, alimony, etc.)

If you’re simply saving for retirement, you’re likely paying excessive fees for something you could easily do by yourself.

Read the Full Article: You Probably Don’t Need a Financial Advisor

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PS: Remember that market declines are “fees” not “fines.” Stay the course!

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