Why Cash Ain’t Trash (or King)

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Good morning,

Welcome to 2023.

Next December, when you look back on this year, I hope you’ll be proud of the financial strides you’ve made.

The best time to start is today.

Without further ado, your Tuesday newsletter.

“Cash is the ultimate defense against financial risk.”

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Tip 🔥

Hold some cash, but not too much.

Holding some cash provides peace of mindIf you have cash savings, you won’t need to sell investments to come up with moneyCash increases your flexibility – whenever possible, avoid making decisions with your back against the wallStore cash in a high-yield savings accountOver allocating to cash will hurt your returns due to inflationHolding cash to “buy the dip” may cause you to miss the best days in the stock market

Q&A 🤔

Q: “I got a holiday bonus and want to open a high-yield savings account. What’s your take on Wealthfront vs. a traditional bank?”

Me: Congrats on the bonus!

I use Wealthfront and I think it’s a great option given the interest rate, investment offerings (IRA, brokerage, 529, etc.), and user interface (I like the net worth estimator). That said, there are other great options for high-yield savings accounts too.

If you have your savings account with a big bank like Wells Fargo, Chase, or B of A, I’d ditch them immediately. They pay you almost nothing and have a pretty awful track record of customer support.

If you’d like to join Wealthfront, you can earn $30 for free when you sign up here.

Otherwise, check out the link below for some other solid options 👇

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Extra Fun 🤪

Remember when I told you that forecasts are bullshit?

I’ve seen a lot of financial writers asking questions like: “WiLl sTocKs BoUncE BaCk iN 2023?”

Personally, I think that’s a stupid question. Here are ten questions that will actually help you make more money in 2023.

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