The True Cost of Market Returns

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Over the weekend, some friends asked me about my financial advisor post last week. They still weren’t sure if they needed one.

Here are a few quick questions for you to be sure:

Do you have a million bucks?Do you own a business or multiple properties?Are you divorced with stepchildren or some other financial complication?

If you’re 0/3, you probably don’t need one.

If you answered “yes” and feel you’d benefit from a financial advisor, you’re likely better off avoiding any who charge a percentage of assets under management.

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Headlines To Ignore  🙅🏼‍♂️

Buying These 3 Stocks Could Be the Smartest Investing Move You Ever Make (Motley Fool)Analyst Warns Ethereum Could Tumble 65% From Its Current Level, Why He Sees More Downside (Benzinga)10 stocks Wall Street analysts hate heading into 2023 (Yahoo Finance)

Tips  💎

“You can likely earn about 10% annually over a thirty-year period. The catch? You must stay the course through war, terror, bubbles, financial system failure, natural disasters, and pandemics. Super easy, right?”

Everything has a cost & market returns are no exceptionIt’s simple to create wealth by staying invested, but it’s not easyThe S&P returned ~10% annually in the last 30 yearsIn the last 30 years, we’ve also endured three recessionsStocks historically provide positive returns, but it’s not a smooth ride upHold some cash for securityMake a plan & stick to it (bonus points for automating it)

Read the Full Article: There’s No Free Lunch: The Real Cost of Market Returns

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2) I will be continuing to write this newsletter into 2023 and I want to know what you’re most interested in.

You can only answer once, so let me know what you think!

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PS: You probably don’t need a financial advisor.

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