How to Handle Stock Market Declines

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“Returns are never free. They demand you pay a price, like any other product. And since market returns can be not just great but sensational over time, the fee is high. Declines, crashes, panics, manias, recessions, depressions.”

News You Should Know 📰

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The Type of BS You Should Ignore 🙅🏼‍♂️

The Best Stocks to Invest $50,000 in Right Now (Motley Fool)Deutsche Bank Predicts a 25% Stock Market Crash: 2 Recession-Resistant Dividend Stocks (Seeking Alpha)

I’ve removed “Market Returns YTD” from the newsletter. If you have a sound financial plan, you don’t need to pay attention to the market returns each day. Instead, set your asset allocation plan, automate it, and go eat some pizza.

Expert Tip of The Week 💎

“It’s crucial that you develop mental frameworks that will keep you in the investing game long-term. Understanding that market declines are the price you pay for market returns is one of the most important.”

The market generally goes up over timeDollar-cost averaging can prevent emotional investment decisionsView market declines as the price of admissionDo NOT view market declines as a “fine” for doing something wrongShifting your mindset to understand market declines are part of life will help you stay invested over the long term

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