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The best articles I’ve read recently.

Should you invest more after the market declines (Of Dollars and Data)The danger of comparing your finances with your friends’ (Money with Katie)Investing bullshit is as old as time and it’s hard to resist (Noahpinion)How to become financially anti-fragile through diversified income (Chris Keith)Luck, timing, and the housing market (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Not That

The type of shit you should ignore.

Crypto Analyst Predicts Breakout for AI-Focused Altcoin (The Daily Hodl)Jim Cramer’s Recession-Proof Stock Picks (Yahoo Finance)


“Your future holds multiple events ranging from mildly frustrating to completely devastating. You better prepare.”

If you have dependents, you should shop for term life insuranceIf you have pets, you should shop for pet insuranceIf you don’t have emergency savings, make that your number-one priorityIf you rent, you should shop for renter’s insurance

My best investment of 2022: Pet Insurance

My dog Lucy just needed $15.5K in medical care to save her life.

I paid $1,211.24 into the policy from March 2021 to December 2022.

We just received a $10,000 reimbursement from her medical expenses.

Total ROI: 726% | Annualized ROI 213%


Reader: When you say “not that,” are you saying that those articles aren’t from good sources?

Cole: Sometimes the sources are bad, but more commonly the article or headline is. For example, I’ve linked to articles from The Motley Fool and CNBC that are good, helpful, and productive. I’ve also linked to articles from each that are a complete waste of time. 

With that section, my goal is to share a handful of quality articles that will help to improve your life and finances and a few articles that demonstrate the type of headlines you should avoid.

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Together with Figo Pet Insurance

If you have a pet, I highly recommend getting a quote from Figo Pet Insurance.

I outlined our situation above, but we pay $47.66/month and just got reimbursed for $10,000 when our dog Lucy needed life-saving surgery. Her total care was $15.5K – not something we would have loved paying out of pocket, though we would have.

Going to an emergency vet is hell on Earth. But while we were there (5+ times), we had the good fortune to be focused entirely on Lucy’s care without worrying if getting her help was going to break the bank.


Some people conflate investing and gambling. When done correctly, they’re not alike at all. There is no 20-year period in the U.S. Stock Market history where the return was negative.

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PS: When choosing where to put your money, ask yourself, “where will this dollar work the hardest?”

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